Save Money On Your Wedding Dress Or Wedding Gown And Other Bridal Attire – Tips And Ideas For Brides

Both bride and groom should be involved in most wedding planning activities. However, the wedding dress or gown and bridal attire purchases are strictly the bride’s domain.

So, here you are, a bride to be with a wedding date and a lot of wedding planning activities to take care of so your dream wedding becomes a reality and your first thought is – your bridal attire.

Shopping for a wedding dress or gown and bridal attire is a lot of fun but can be extremely expensive and rather frustrating.
Guess what! You can reduce both expense and frustration and enjoy the process without sacrificing quality.
To find out how, keep reading.

This is how:


As soon as your wedding date is confirmed start researching in magazines, on the Internet and by visiting bridal shops and trying on dresses and gowns so that you have at least a general idea of the style of dress or gown you want.

Look for seamstresses who specialize in wedding gowns and dresses and ask for a price range. From $ but no more than $.

As you choose your style, consider the following:

Choose a classic dress or gown. If you opt for a ball gown style be ready to spend more money because the more fabric it takes to make a gown, the more it costs.

Remember that sometimes less is more and opt for no embellishments or with embellishments only on the bodice. Having embellishment on the sleeves, waistline, hemline,and or train, will raise the price of the gown and may actually make the gown over embellished and less elegant.


Time your gown and wedding attire shopping with samples, closeout, discontinued items and inventory reduction sales.

Bridal stores and salons pay a hefty price for their floor space. They need to make room for the latest new styles.

Take advantage of it and you win! How?

Simply call up the shops and salons in your area and find out if and when they’re having their next sample and inventory reduction sale.

Ask if they will allow you to preview the dresses that will be offered.

Some, especially privately owned stores, will be glad to comply and may even encourage an early purchase. After all, they want to sell the items and reduce their costs and inventories.

Note that samples are usually available in size 6, 8 or 10.

Closeout items come in all sizes.

While you are there, check out about other wedding attire for you and your wedding party.

If you must wait for the sale itself, arrive early and bring a companion.

Wear clothes that’s are easy to slip in and out of. Do not stop to consider every dress you see.

Pick up anything that you think you might like and let your companion hold it.

Once you are done, try the dresses on as quickly as you can as time is short and competition may be great and have your companion look at other brides for more possibilities for you.

She may pick up dresses other brides tried on but did not choose, yet have the exact features you want.

Once you have narrowed your choice to one two or three dresses, unless they fit you perfectly, lucky you!, check out if the store offers alterations the costs and the time frame. If the cost seems too high, contact the seamstresses you have already interviewed.


Do not stop there. You do not need to wait for a special sale, check all of the clearance racks at the bridal sections in department stores frequently. You’ll be favorably surprised at what you can find.

The only drawback is that what you see is what you get. You purchase any sale item as-is.

Though you can have a gown altered to a smaller size at an additional cost and risk, it cannot be made larger.

You cannot add sleeves to a strapless gown.

The color and designs are set so you may have to compromise.

Also, take into consideration that you may need to dry clean a dress or gown that has been sold as sample, discontinued or inventory reduction sale.


Do not disregard the power of the Internet.

Go to Google and search for wedding gown or wedding dress.

Visit as many web sites as time and patience allows.

You’ll come across bridal shops that have web sites and see many designers names their styles, colors and price ranges.

You’ll also come across online only shops.

The online only shops are not saddled with the huge overhead that brick and mortar shops pay and often pass their saving on to their customers by offering lower prices.

It is important that you are aware that for some reason, most wedding gown sizes run small (A small 6, a small 8 etc…) So, unless you are sure of your size and have an alteration seamstress available, you may be better off ordering the next larger size.

If you plan to shop on the internet, be sure to provide the vendor with the following measurements:

  • Size
  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hip
  • Hollow to Waist
  • and Hollow to Hem. Hollow to Hem is the measurement from the hollow of your neck to the floor, taken while you are wearing the shoes and slip you plan on wear at the wedding.
  • Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware

    There are many online wedding dresses – gowns retailers on the Internet.

    Some offer actual designer products and others offer replicas or gowns designed to look like, but with moderations, while others have their own designs.

    So before you order a dress or gown, check the web site thoroughly.

    Look for an address, and a phone number and by all means CALL the owner personally and interview him or her.

    Be sure that ALL your questions are answered and that you are COMPLETELY satisfied and comfortable buying from that PERSON. Base your decision on the person not on the web site.

    IMPORTANT! Never store your wedding dress or gown in plastic. Depending on the material used, it may yellow or become gray and never lay it flat as it may crease. Store it in a cloth bag and hang it in a closet free of heat, dust and other impurities.


    You need shoes to go with your wedding dress or gown. But do you really need wedding shoes?

    Think about it. The difference in price between purchasing shoes at a shoe store or at a bridal salon may surprise you.

    Yes, adding the simple term wedding to the description of a pair of shoes may double even triple its price.


    These items are much less expensive than a dress or gown. Therefore your risk of purchasing them on the Internet is small.

    Yet, you can save a lot of money.

    Look for a pair of gloves you saw offered on the Internet for less than $20.00 in a bridal salon and figure out your savings.

    The same holds true for veils and tiaras.

    Do the math and cash in on the savings.

    Article Copyright © Nily Glaser, All Rights Reserved 2007

    Copyrights © 2007 All Rights Reserved Nily Glaser of A-wedding Day and Gan Publishing